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Lecture notes on Civil Engineering MIT: Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures


 Lecture notes on Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures

(All these links are from MIT USA website, We are thankful to MIT)
1Introduction; Design Criteria for Reinforced Concrete Structures (PDF) 
2Micro-cracking of Concrete; Stress-strain Behavior in Multiaxial Loading (PDF) 
3Failure Theories (PDF) 
4Concrete Plasticity (PDF) 
5Fracture Concepts (PDF) 
6Creep and Shrinkage Deformation (PDF) 
7Ductility and Deflections (PDF) 
8Shear Failures (PDF) 
9Shear Transfer; Shear Design (PDF)Failure Investigation of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder (PDF)
10Biaxial Bending (PDF) 
11Beam Column Joints (PDF) 
12Quiz 1 
13Torsion (PDF)Shear and Torsion (PDF)
14Term Project Update – Progress Reports and Presentations 
15Torsion, Shear, and Flexure (PDF)Shear and Torsion (PDF)
16Yield Line Theory for Slabs (PDF)Analysis of Rectangular Slabs Using Yield Line Theory (PDF)
17R/C Thin Shell Structures (PDF) 
18R/C Thin Shell and Structures (cont.) (PDF) 
19Segmental Bridges / Tall Buildings (PDF) 
20Term Project Update – Presentations 
21Deterioration and Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Concrete Structures (PDF) 
22Earthquake Resistant Design; Repair and Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Structures (PDF) 
23Quiz 2 
24Final Presentations 
25Final Presentations (cont.) 
26Review and Discussion