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100 numerical of water supply, irrigation


This book contains one hundred essential problems related to water engineering with a small volume (20 problems about irrigation, 20 problems about drainage, 20 problems about water quality, 20 problems about hydrology, and 20 problems about hydraulics). Undoubtedly, many problems can be added to the book but the author tried to mention only more important problems and to prevent increasing volume of the book due to help to feature of portability of the book. To promotion of student skill, both SI and English systems have been used in the problems. 
All of the problems were solved completely. This book is useful for not only exercising and passing the university exams but also for use in actual projects as a handbook. The handbook of water engineering problems is usable for agricultural, civil, and environmental students, teachers, experts, researchers, engineers, designers, and all enthusiastic readers in surface and pressurized irrigation, drainage engineering, agricultural water management, water resources, hydrology, hydrogeology, hydroclimatology, hydrometeorology, and hydraulics fields. Prerequisite to study of the book and to solve the problems is each appropriate book about water engineering; however, the author recommends studying the references to better understanding of the problems and presented solutions. It is an honor for the author to receive any review and suggestion for improvement of book quality.
(Thanks to Mohammad Valipor)
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