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Hydraulic design of structures Manual


Hydraulic design is very important in civil engineering field. Where we have to deal with water during design. Such hydraulic facilities include the following:
♦ open channels
♦ bridges
♦ culverts
♦ storm drains
♦ pump stations
♦ storm water quantity and quality control systems.
The hydraulic design or analysis of highway drainage facilities usually involves a general procedure that is essentially the same for each case. Some of the basic components inherent in the design or analysis of any highway drainage facility include data, surveys of existing characteristics, estimates of future characteristics, engineering design criteria, discharge estimates, structure requirements and constraints, and receiving facilities. 
Time, expense, focus, and completeness of the design or analysis process should all be commensurate with the relative importance of the facility, that is, its cost, level of use, public safety, and similar factors. These aspects of the design process are often subjective. The funding or time constraints associated with any engineered project often are determining factors in the designer’s involvement. 
Now you can download very good manual which describes you about hydraulic design in detail. Please click in link given here for download